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Katchikally Crocodile Pool& Museum

Your driver guide will point out significant land marks with commentary on the Kachikally sacred pool. Which has been in existence for more than five centuries.The museum is one of the major historica...

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Abuko Nature Reserved

First given some measure of protection in 1916, when the Lamin Stream which flows through the  forest was fenced to form a water collection point.The enclosure of the stream showed an increase in the ...

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Sanyang Paradise Beach

Rug wild and untouched  are some of the words use to described this shoreline.The Sanyang paradise beach a place you can relax ,eat and drink  sun  bedding.and swimming, hassle free. When the waves cr...

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Tanje Fish Market

At the Tanje fish market you will see local pirogues roll in the waves. Women ferry fish merrily to shore atop their heads with buckets and crowds swarm the beachfront. On show and on sale is everythi...

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Lamin Lodge

Lamin Lodge an inspirit place to stop and enjoy, its located out on the snaking Lamin bolong. There is a charming wooden built bar and a restaurant on the bank in the middle of the mangroves forest. E...

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reptile farm

Reptile Farm

The reptile farm situated near the Kartong beach amidst a well preserved forest you will see a large variety of  Gambian reptiles such as puff adders, rock pythons, royal pythons, sand snakes, beauty ...

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Tanje Camel Safari

Pepe's camel safari at Tanje village, rides are organised with locals guides rich in experience and skillful with Camels. On the beach you will meet your designated camel assistant who will explain ho...

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Fathala Park

The Fathala Wild Life Reserve located south of  Senegal. Its an area that is approximately 6000 hectares of unspoiled and protected forest, providing visitors with the opportunity to see an original s...

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Expedition Senegal

 Discover the highlights of South Senegal and beyond a premier nature-based destination. Drive to Kafountine and take a boat ride to the Kailo Island. Enjoy panoramic views of the southern Island and ...

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Wassu Stone Circles

The Wassu stone circle is situated at Wassu village in the central river region, its believed to be burial mounds of Kings and chiefs in ancient times, more than 1,200 years old. Local legends has it ...

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Much of the area that is now Cassamance was once the kingdom of Kasa. Kasa’s king, or mansa, who was a leading trader with the Portuguese, and Cassamance takes its name from the Portuguese transformat...

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 Explore the beauty of a small but pleasant fishing village situated by the sea with a large beach surrounded by 14 pleasant islands. This region  rich in fauna and vegetation thus; it offers a large ...

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Baboon Island

Here you will experience life with the chimps protected in the national forest that constitute of three Islands, 270 km inland of the river Gambia. From the boat visitors can closely observed the chim...

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The Kunta - Kinteh Island

 An important historical site during the atlantic slave trade, the Island together with it related sites including Fort bullen, Juffureh and Albreda are World heritage listed  sites. The first europea...

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Janjanbureh /Georgetown

Janjanbureh formerly known as Georgetown, an old British settlement  in the hinterland founded in 1832, on the island of McCarthy. Visitors  can walk into the old  slave dungeon – a dank subterranean ...

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Abuko Nature Reserve

First given some measure of protection in 1916, when the Lamin Stream which flows through the  forest was fenced to form a water collection point.The enclosure of the stream showed an increase in the ...

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A Visit to the Hands on Academic, a Nursery school situated near the Paradise estate.A vibrant, friendly and enthusiastic local community. This visit give you the opportunity  to interact with resound...

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Banjul Arch

Banjul smallest Capital City in Africa, it is the  Capital and the administrative Center of the Gambia and the seat of government. With a population of about 31,000 and a land area of 12 sq km.The isl...

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makasutu forest

Makasutu Cultural Forest

Makasutu ( a Mandinka term  meaning Holy Forest). Its history dates back to the 12th century it is a tropical  forest, encompassing five different Eco-systems including, gallery forest, Savannah, mang...

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senegambia craft market

The Brikama Craft Market

Visit the Gambia largest craft market with over 57 craft stalls, though there are over 200 members. Who make and sell their beautiful artwork and other products in the nearby area. You can find a larg...

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goree 2

Goree Island

The house of slave and its doors of no return,built in the 18th Century. There is also  a museum and a memorial to the Atlantic Slave Trade on the Goree Island. Which is said to have house more than a...

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Museum of Black Civilisations 15 Senegal

Henriete Bathily Women Museum

Visit the Slave Museum, a two-storey 18th-century dwelling housing exhibits documenting the role of women in Senegal. Females have played a key part in social relations with the colonizers since the c...

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lake retba

Lake Retba

Lake Retba (known to most locals as Lac Rose) its  separated only by some narrow dunes from the Atlantic Ocean and, as expected its salt content is very high. Its salinity content compares to that of ...

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phare des mamelles toit

Les Mammeles Light House

Perched atop of one of the two large hills that mark the Mamelles district of Dakar, the lighthouse has the abandoned look so characteristic of many Senegalese buildings. Les Mamelles Lighthouse, name...

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The Bijilo Forest Park

Renowned for its natural beauty, vibrant bird life and ancient trees. If you ever  thought Monkeys were cute, then you must make a trip to the Bijilo National Park. Walk among apes and you will be abl...

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The Gambia National Assembly House

The National Assembly of the Gambia, is the country's house of legislature. It is composed of 53 members directly elected through the polls, and a further five members appointed by the Head of State.

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River Gambia

The River Gambia is a major river in the West African Sub region, running 1,120 kilometers (700 mi). from the Fouta Djallon plateau in north Guinea westward through Senegal, and the Gambia to the Atla...

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Albreda and Village Museum

Situated near the banks of the River Gambia is the World Heritage Site of San Domingo. established as a trading post in the late 1400s by Portuguese traders who operated as brokers and intermediaries ...

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Juffureh Village

Juffureh is best re- known for its appearance in Alex Haley’s 1976 fascinating novel  title Roots: The Saga of an American Family  as the birthplace of Haley's ancestor Kunta Kinteh,  Alex’s book and ...

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Banjul Albert Market

Explore the Albert Market situated in Banjul is a local street market, its named after Albert Prince consort husband of  Queen Victoria, the United Kingdom during the Colonial rule.Its a  lively marke...

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Delta du Saloum2

The Saloum Delta

The territory of the Saloum Delta, is indeed a remarkable testimony to the mutual relation between a natural environment with extensive biodiversity and a style of human development that is still pres...

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Oussouye Cassamance

Near Ziguinchor, the capital of the Casamance region, lies a collection of villages that constitute the Oussouye  subdivision. This tiny commune, shoved between the border of Guinea-Bissau and the Cas...

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