Kartong Reptiles Farm

The snake farm

Reptiles at the Kartong Snake Farm Learn More

Kartong Snake Farm

The reptile

Reptiles at Kartong  Learn More

Kartong Snake Farm

The Reptiles Farm

Snakes at the Kartong Reptiles Farm Learn More

The reptile farm situated near the Kartong beach amidst a well preserved forest you will see a large variety of  Gambian reptiles such as puff adders, rock pythons, royal pythons, sand snakes, beauty snakes, herald snakes, spiting cobras, wolf snakes, night adders, geckos, Agama lizards, Nile monitor lizard, African mud turtle, pelomedusa subrufa turtle, bell’s hinged back turtle, crocodiles, Senegalese chameleons, geckos, among the things you can see are  non-reptiles such as centipedes & millipedes. Some of the snakes  are indeed extremely dangerous but some others like python are not dangerous  and have been tamed and those you could touch and take pictures of them in your hands as our local & experienced guides will advice and give recommendations. The dangerous snakes are kept at a safe distance.

Quick Facts


A village on the  South -West of the Smiling Coast on the  border with Senegal.

Kartong Village Settlement

The main built-up settlement is encircled by ocean, scrub, sand dune, and to the east, streams, desolate salt pans and mangrove swamps.

The Reptile Farm

The home of a large varieties of Snakes, Geckos, Chameleon and Tortoise.

Research & Education

Its a major research and education Center.