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IMG 20170821 102641Twelve years ago a young Gambian whose common love for Travel and Adventure dreamed of having his own Travel Company someday. Armed with his business prowess and experience in the travel and tourism industry, coupled with the desire to provide the best professional yet personalized service to the discriminating tastes and demands of the travelling public.

Hence on May 15, 2017 Travel Eco  was duly  registered as an organized DESTINATION MANAGEMENT COMPANY existing under the laws of the Republic of the Gambia and formally marked its  entry in the Travel industry business. with an initial staff of 7 at  its humble office in Kololi.

At Travel Eco we offer a wide range of Day Tours, Short Breaks independent and Extended Guided Tours right across the Gambia and Senegal. Whether you are looking to explore stunning tropical Gambia and Senegal in a very unique style. We also organised Airport transfers, Hotel bookings, Incentive tours, Team building exercises  and Conferences, plus Air and Cruise ticketing, travel consultancy and travel insurance.

Travel Eco are the holiday experts, you can relax in the comfort of knowing you’re in the best of hands. We will take you to all the must-see sights and even share some stories and hidden gems along the way, that you would never have known if travelling on your own. At Travel Eco we strive to represent the very best that the Gambia and Senegal have to offer. Our people are warm, friendly, engaged and enthusiastic. We love a laugh and a good story. We celebrate our great characters and our authentic personalities, we are always respectful, we deliver brilliant services and we are proud of our heritage and culture. Our goal everyday is to share the Gambia and Senegal with our guests and to bring these two amazing countries to life.

Come and see The Gambia and Senegal with us!

At Travel Eco we have teamed up a range of fun, passionate, quirky, knowledgeable and talented people to help make your holiday great and one you’ll remember forever. Our team will bring your holiday to life and they’ll share their knowledge about the Gambia and Senegal in ways beyond expected.

Travel Directors

At Travel Eco we pride ourselves on having some of the most experienced and insightful Travel Directors in the world. They’ll provide the commentary stories and local insights behind each destination, to allow you to truly get a feel for the places you visit. They’ll share advice, provide personal recommendations and reveal some ‘hidden gems’ along the way that you simply couldn't experience if travelling on your own.

Driver Guides

We personally train all our driver guides to provide exceptional service every step of the way. Each and every driver guide has extensive on road experience and driver training with a safe driving track record.These genuine  characters will enhance your Travel Eco experience and make sure you have a holiday you won’t forget. If you’re travelling on a short Break, you may be joined by a different driver guide each day so you can benefit from the breadth of their combined knowledge and years of experience for a more independent style of travel.

Local Guides

We’ll also be joined by a number of local guides at various destinations on selected day tours and short breaks. These local guides have specialist knowledge of their hometown and local traditions. They’ll take your sightseeing experience to a whole new level as they share their stories in an engaging and entertaining way.

Saidou Bah
Founder & CEO