The Bijilo National Park

Nature's trail

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The Red colobus monkeys

Bijilo National Park

Monkeys at  the Bijilo National Park Learn More

The Monkey Park

Bijilo Forest Reserve

Monkeys at the Bijilo Park. Learn More

National forest reserve

Monkey park

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Birds of the Gambia

Bijilo nature reserve

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Bijilo national park

The monkey forest park

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Renowned for its natural beauty, vibrant bird life and ancient trees. If you ever  thought Monkeys were cute, then you must make a trip to the Bijilo National Park. Walk among apes and you will be able to hand feed Monkeys. This charming  park is a home to  over 150 bird species, other invertebrates and over 600 Monkeys.

Quick Facts

Bijilo National Park

The Bijilo National Park is also commonly known as the Monkey Park.

Birding at the Bijilo Forest Park

Over 150 bird species has been recorded in this Natural trail.

The Bijilo Natural Trail

The sand dunes on the sea side is stocked with brush and shrub.