Be overwhelmed by the natural wonders of the Bijilo Forest Park. Walking through the tree canopies and see a 500 year old Baobab tree. Keep your eyes peeled for vibrant bird life and you can be sure to meet and walk amongst the playful Monkeys. You will visit a local village school  and take time out to interact with warm and welcoming Gambian school children and their Teachers.

Child Price: $38.00, Adult Price: $50.00

Sights And Places

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A Visit to the Hands on Academic, a Nursery school situated near the Paradise estate.A vibrant, friendly and enthusiastic local community. This visit give you the opportunity  to interact with resound...

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The Bijilo Forest Park

Renowned for its natural beauty, vibrant bird life and ancient trees. If you ever  thought Monkeys were cute, then you must make a trip to the Bijilo National Park. Walk among apes and you will be abl...

Tour Plan & Itinary

Bijilo National Park

 Your first stop will be at the Bijilo forest Park a natural bush setting, you’ll be able to hand-feed Monkeys, and enjoy a face-to-face encounter with monkeys in their natural habitat

Hands on Academy Village School

 Your next stop will be at  the Hands on Academic Nursery school where you will meet & interact with Gambian school children who are warm friendly and never hesitates to sing you a song.

Tour Highlights

  • En-route

  • Bijilo National Park
  • Hands on Academy School