Unearth cultural treasures and treasure heartfelt moments as you travel the length of the Central River Region on route to Georgetown. No stone is left unturned as you adventure into parts of this beautiful and remote region. From the wild and pristine natural wonderland of McCarthy Island, to the spectacular vistas of Baboon Island and the historic Stone Circles. Experience the wonders of Gambian rural life.

Child Price: $299.00, Adult Price: $350.00

Sights And Places

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Wassu Stone Circles

The Wassu stone circle is situated at Wassu village in the central river region, its believed to be burial mounds of Kings and chiefs in ancient times, more than 1,200 years old. Local legends has it ...

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Baboon Island

Here you will experience life with the chimps protected in the national forest that constitute of three Islands, 270 km inland of the river Gambia. From the boat visitors can closely observed the chim...

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Janjanbureh /Georgetown

Janjanbureh formerly known as Georgetown, an old British settlement  in the hinterland founded in 1832, on the island of McCarthy. Visitors  can walk into the old  slave dungeon – a dank subterranean ...

Tour Plan & Itinary

Welcome To George Town

 Explore  cultural treasures and heartfelt moments as you travel the length of  Georgetown.This planned port town  stretch out on the north side of the isle an old British settlement, with a ferry crossing terminal, a Methodist Church opened in 1835 (said to be the oldest Methodist Church in sub-Saharan Africa) Janjanbureh a town rich in history and Culture, here you experience unusual Gambian Rural life, Your driver guide make comprehensive commentary about this town fascinating history and Culture.

The Baboon Island/ Chimps Rehabilitation Project

A scenic drive through several small local settlements and a short boat trip south from Kuntaur  will find you in the pristine wilderness of  Baboon Island, an ecological paradise with an abundance of native Gambian wildlife. With some possibilities of seeing one of aquatic most beautiful animals.

The Stone Cirlces & Museum

Explore the highlight and overwhelming hidden treasures and history  of the Stone Circles dating back between 750-1000 AD walk in to the museum and come out with a deeper understanding what makes the Stone Circles so Unique and inspiring.

Wassu Lumo/ Weekly Rural Market

Stop at Wassu Lumo to see a vibrant rural market life, this local weekly market which open every Monday is widely attended by traders from Gambia, Senegal & Guinea Bissau with a large variety of Commodities for sell.

With its vibrant indigenous culture, friendly characters and varied scenery, the Lumo at Wassu  will leave you spellbound. Be immersed in the traditions of the  Gambian people. Experience a landscape that changes before your eyes.

Tour Highlights

  • Welcome to Georgetown.
  • The Baboon Island / Chimps Rehabilitation Center
  • Stone Circles at Wassu.
  • Wassu -Lumo (wassu weekly rural market).