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River Gambia National Park

River Gambia

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Baboon Island

River Gambia

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River Gambia National Park

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The Baboon Island

Chimps lsland

Here you will experience life with the chimps protected in the national forest that constitute of three Islands, 270 km inland of the river Gambia. From the boat visitors can closely observed the chimps (Chimps sighting not at all times guaranteed).There are possibilities to see hippos, crocodiles, green ververt, and western red colubus monkeys, hyenas and warthogs.

Quick Facts

Chimps Island

Situated approximately 100 miles east of the coastline.


Baboons Island

Founded in 1960, by British woman for Chimps rehabilitation.


A tropical rain forest vegetation.


The Baboon island archipelago is 1,450 acres  consisting of one large & four small islands.