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Breath-taking moment at the Bindeferlo waterfalll kedougou region


Southern Senegal

Explore the natural beauty of the South

The Nyokolokoba National Park

Nature and Wildlife

Explore the wonders of West Africa's top Wildlife Reserve.


Kedougou Region

Enjoy the beauty of nature at the Bindeferllo water in the region of Kedougou

 Discover the highlights of South Senegal and beyond a premier nature-based destination. Drive to Kafountine and take a boat ride to the Kailo Island. Enjoy panoramic views of the southern Island and witness the amazing daily ritual of the animist. Then further southeast to the Nyokolokoba National Park, and to Dendefello waters as well as to the Futa Djallon height land.

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Discover Senegal

Nyokolokoba National Park 

Kedougou Belt

Dindeferllo waterfalls 

Fouta Djallon Height land

The Cassamance Region