Delve into the scenic excitement  of Senegal, Combine natural beauty with luxury comfort as you spend a few days in Africa’s cosmopolitan city and immerse you self in to incredibly amazing sites and meet warm and friendly people from of the Sene-Gambia region. 

Child Price: $750.00, Adult Price: $899.00

Sights And Places


Goree Island

The house of slave and its doors of no return,built in the 18th Century. There is also  a museum and a memorial to the Atlantic Slave Trade on the Goree Island. Which is said to have house more than a...

Museum of Black Civilisations 15 Senegal

Henriete Bathily Women Museum

Visit the Slave Museum, a two-storey 18th-century dwelling housing exhibits documenting the role of women in Senegal. Females have played a key part in social relations with the colonizers since the c...

lake retba

Lake Retba

Lake Retba (known to most locals as Lac Rose) its  separated only by some narrow dunes from the Atlantic Ocean and, as expected its salt content is very high. Its salinity content compares to that of ...

phare des mamelles toit

Les Mammeles Light House

Perched atop of one of the two large hills that mark the Mamelles district of Dakar, the lighthouse has the abandoned look so characteristic of many Senegalese buildings. Les Mamelles Lighthouse, name...

Tour Plan & Itinary

Welcome to Dakar

 Day 1 

Take your Senegal  bucket list and tick off all of your must-sees and must-dos, as you travel from the bottom of the North   to the top of the South On arrival at Dakar Spend some time at leisure to relax or explore on your own. This evening meet your Travel Director for dinner.

Ferry To Goree Island

Day 2: 

 Board a ferry from Dakar main port to the Goree Island a haven of tranquility compared with cosmopolitan Dakar, Visit the IFAN Historical Museum to have an overview of regional history dating from 5th Century. The church of Saint Charles Borromeo built in 1830 and still beautifully and well maintain. Also visit the house of slave on the heart of this historic island. Immerse yourself in rich African & European gourmet on the Islands stunning Restaurants.


Les Mammelles

Day 3

Explore the stunning natural twin hill and West Africa's biggest light house. 

Tour Highlights

  • Welcome to Dakar
  • Visit the UNESCO world Heritage site, Goree Island & IFAN Museum.
  • Harriett Bathily Women Museum.
  • A day to the Deux Mammelles & Light House.
  • The African Renaissance Museum.