City of Banjul


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Banjul smallest Capital City in Africa, it is the  Capital and the administrative Center of the Gambia and the seat of government. With a population of about 31,000 and a land area of 12 sq km.

The island City has much to offer in history with its vibrant colonial buildings some of the things to see are the National Museum, dedicated to Gambian culture and history. The house of Parliament, vendors at the lively Albert Market colorful textiles and local produce are on display for sell. 

Quick Facts

The City of Banjul

Banjul derives  its name from the Mande people who gathered specific fibers on the island, which were used in the manufacture of ropes. (Bang- julo) is the mandinka (mande) word for rope fiber. The mispronunciation led to the word Banjul


Banjul / Bathurst

The British renamed Banjul Island as St. Mary's Island and first named Bathurst after the 3rd earl Bathurst , secretary of sate for war and colonies at the time. The name was changed to Banjul in 1973

Historic Banjul

Attractions in the city include the  the Gambia National Museum , Banjul state house , Banjul Courthouse African heritage museum & two cathedrals  and several major mosques .


In 1816, Alexander Grant, the British commandant, founded Banjul as a trading post and base for suppressing the slave trade