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The territory of the Saloum Delta, is indeed a remarkable testimony to the mutual relation between a natural environment with extensive biodiversity and a style of human development that is still present albeit fragile. Located in the centre west of the country, it is an interesting site in terms of conservation of the biological diversity, because the ecosphere reserve is characterized by a great diversity of habitats, including savannah, mangrove, sandy islets, lagoons and shorelines. 

This biosphere reserve and national park is situated in the Delta of the seasonal Sine and Saloum rivers about 150 km south-east of Dakar. The biosphere reserve comprises 72,000 hectares marine areas, 23,000 hectares of flooded areas, and 85,000 hectares of terrestrial islands. Mangroves are dominant, but sand dunes, open forest on sandy soils, coastal waters and sand islands as well characterize the area. The mangrove is principally made up of four species: Rhizophora racemose, R. mangle, R. harrisonii and Avicennia nitida.

Estuarine habitat including banks of intertidal sand and mud flats thick; mangrove dominated by Rhizophora racemose, R. mangle, R. harrisonii and Avicennia nitida; open flat areas ("tanns"); islands with halophile species such as Sesuvium portulacastrum, Philoxerus vermicularis and Paspalum vaginatum; dry forest; sand dunes; birds land: site of water breeding colonies of translocating water birds.

Quick Facts

The Delta Saloum / Sine Saloum River

Biosphere the Delta Region

The delta covers 180,000 hectares

It's a UNESCO world heritage site 

The Saloum delta extends 72.5 kilometres along the coastline and 35 kilometres inland.

Saloum Delta or Sine-Saloum Delta is a river delta in Senegal at the mouth of the Saloum River