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The silk cotton Tree

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Lamin lodge

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Lamin lodge

The silk cotton tree Lamin Lodge

The silk cotton tree  Learn More

Lamin Lodge an inspirit place to stop and enjoy, its located out on the snaking Lamin bolong. There is a charming wooden built bar and a restaurant on the bank in the middle of the mangroves forest. Enjoy the  beautiful panoramic view of the creeks and see around you many green velvet monkeys and colorful birds species. You can also see how cement & paint is made from oysters’ shells.

The view from the upper levels of the restaurant over the grand sweep of water, mangrove and fields, a special treat in a country were tall buildings are rare.There is always a  local musician  to create a special Gambian  atmosphere with calm drumming and singing. It takes your mind away off whatever is bothering you.

Quick Facts

Lamin Lodge Creeks

Home of over 150 birds species.


Lamin Lodge

Restaurant locally built with wooden pillars in the River and surrounded by mangroves creeks and hanging around Monkeys.


Witness women harvesting oysters from the Mangroves.

Cement & Paint Factory

See how oyster shells are locally used to make cement and paint.