Leave no stone unturned exploring southern Senegal a bio rich region of cassamance, that has a  spectacular savannah and wild life. Also rich both in history and culture. During this trip you will meet local farmers, shepherds. whilst you sit back and enjoy a breath taking scenery of the region.

Child Price: $55.00, Adult Price: $119.00

Sights And Places


South Senegal

 Discover the highlights of South Senegal premier nature-based destination. Drive to Kafountine and take a boat ride to the Kailo Island. Enjoy panoramic views of the southern Island and witness the a...

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Much of the area that is now Cassamance was once the kingdom of Kasa. Kasa’s king, or mansa, who was a leading trader with the Portuguese, and Cassamance takes its name from the Portuguese transformat...

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 Explore the beauty of a small but pleasant fishing village situated by the sea with a large beach surrounded by 14 pleasant islands. This region  rich in fauna and vegetation thus; it offers a large ...

Tour Plan & Itinary


Travel through South Senegal and enjoy the change of scenery as you make your way into the deep Cassamance Region of Senegal while you journey on, our comprehensive guides commentary will leave no stone unturned about this region historic landmarks. Sit back and relax.



Welcome To Kailo Island
The  First stop is at  Kafountine a popular  fishing Village in the Cassamance, There you get on boat to the Kailo Island and  Immerse yourself in to adherent way of life and practices of African belief on an isolated island. Your may join the warm and friendly African traditional dancers to make your day  a whole lot of fun.
Launch at Bendula Hotel Restaurant

Discover some of the magnificent local produce from the Cassamance, and enjoy a delicious gourmet lunch, at the Bendula Hotel Restaurant before continuing on to your final stop.

Tour Highlights

  • Enroute
  • Visit the Village of Kafountine
  • Visit the Animist in the Kailo Island