Leave no stone unturned while you explore the Casamance region of Southern Senegal this area has a spectacular savannah, breath-taking landscape, waterfalls and wildlife combined with a wealth of history and culture. During this trip you will meet local farmers, shepherds rural and rural dwellers, whilst you sit back and enjoy scenery of the region.

Child Price: $230.00, Adult Price: $500.00

Sights And Places


Abuko Nature Reserved

First given some measure of protection in 1916, when the Lamin Stream which flows through the  forest was fenced to form a water collection point.The enclosure of the stream showed an increase in the ...

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Sanyang Paradise Beach

Rug wild and untouched  are some of the words use to described this shoreline.The Sanyang paradise beach a place you can relax ,eat and drink  sun  bedding.and swimming, hassle free. When the waves cr...

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Tanje Fish Market

At the Tanje fish market you will see local pirogues roll in the waves. Women ferry fish merrily to shore atop their heads with buckets and crowds swarm the beachfront. On show and on sale is everythi...

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Lamin Lodge

Lamin Lodge an inspirit place to stop and enjoy, its located out on the snaking Lamin bolong. There is a charming wooden built bar and a restaurant on the bank in the middle of the mangroves forest. E...

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Fathala Park

The Fathala Wild Life Reserve located south of  Senegal. Its an area that is approximately 6000 hectares of unspoiled and protected forest, providing visitors with the opportunity to see an original s...


Expedition Senegal

 Discover the highlights of South Senegal and beyond a premier nature-based destination. Drive to Kafountine and take a boat ride to the Kailo Island. Enjoy panoramic views of the southern Island and ...

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Wassu Stone Circles

The Wassu stone circle is situated at Wassu village in the central river region, its believed to be burial mounds of Kings and chiefs in ancient times, more than 1,200 years old. Local legends has it ...

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Much of the area that is now Cassamance was once the kingdom of Kasa. Kasa’s king, or mansa, who was a leading trader with the Portuguese, and Cassamance takes its name from the Portuguese transformat...

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 Explore the beauty of a small but pleasant fishing village situated by the sea with a large beach surrounded by 14 pleasant islands. This region  rich in fauna and vegetation thus; it offers a large ...

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Baboon Island

Here you will experience life with the chimps protected in the national forest that constitute of three Islands, 270 km inland of the river Gambia. From the boat visitors can closely observed the chim...


The Kunta - Kinteh Island

 An important historical site during the atlantic slave trade, the Island together with it related sites including Fort bullen, Juffureh and Albreda are World heritage listed  sites. The first europea...

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Janjanbureh /Georgetown

Janjanbureh formerly known as Georgetown, an old British settlement  in the hinterland founded in 1832, on the island of McCarthy. Visitors  can walk into the old  slave dungeon – a dank subterranean ...

makasutu forest

Makasutu Cultural Forest

Makasutu ( a Mandinka term  meaning Holy Forest). Its history dates back to the 12th century it is a tropical  forest, encompassing five different Eco-systems including, gallery forest, Savannah, mang...

Tour Plan & Itinary

Southern Senegal and Cassamance

Much of the area that is now Casamance was once the kingdom of Kasa. Kasa’s king, or Mansa, who was a leading trader with the Portuguese, and Casamance takes its name from the Portuguese transformation of Kasa Mansa (king of Kasa). The region was later inhabited by migrants from the Mali empire, the Jola the Fulani the Malenke, and other groups. Casamance was the last part of what is now Senegal to be conquered (beginning in 1903) by Europeans, and small pockets of resistance were active until after World War I.

Kafountine; Explore the beauty of a small but pleasant fishing village situated by the sea with a large beach surrounded by 14 pleasant islands. This region rich in fauna and vegetation; thus, it offers a large variety of bird’s species. Kafoundtine main economy is based on fishing, agriculture and tourism. Its Casamance most significant fishing harbour.

Tour Highlights

  • Enroute
  • Visit the Village of Kafountine
  • Visit the Animist in the Kailo Island
  • Visit to the king of ossouye in Cassamance
    Visit to Nyokolokoba national park
    visit to the bindefello water in kedougou
    Hike to he Guinea conakry /senegal border
    visit the Futa Djallon Hieghhland, source of the Gambia River