Visit the Reptile Farm at Kartong and enjoy one of  West Africa's biggest reptiles shows. Also a visit the Peps Camel Safari where you can enjoy a Camel ride along the beach. 

Child Price: $60.00, Adult Price: $99.00

Sights And Places

reptile farm

Reptile Farm

The reptile farm situated near the Kartong beach amidst a well preserved forest you will see a large variety of  Gambian reptiles such as puff adders, rock pythons, royal pythons, sand snakes, beauty ...


Tanje Camel Safari

Pepe's camel safari at Tanje village, rides are organised with locals guides rich in experience and skillful with Camels. On the beach you will meet your designated camel assistant who will explain ho...

Tour Plan & Itinary


This Morning you will travel South-ward Gambia during the journey your driver guide will ensure you do not miss any of the key landmarks along the way. The early part of the trip will take you through many of West Coast Region affluent suburbs. here you will see many modern buildings alongside beautiful estates homes. As the Kombo South High Way approaches the landscape become more rural with smaller townships and farming properties along the way.

Reptile/snake Farm

 Your first Stop will be at Kartong Reptile Farm, a home to the largest display of reptiles in the Gambia. the Kartong reptile farm will introduce you to many varieties of reptiles that exist in Sub-Saharan. You will lots of fun here during the afternoon show.

Peps Camel Safari

On your way back from the reptile farm, Stop at a camel farm, where there’s the opportunity to ride one of these ‘ships of the desert (own expense)

Tour Highlights

  • Kartong Reptile/ Snake Farm
  • Peps Camel Safari Tanje