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We set off from the kololi beach hotel area on a scenic drive through several small local settlements  to the island town of Janjanbureh in the central river region. Then a 20 minutes drive to the Stone Cirlces of Wassu Where we explore the overwhelming hidden treasures and history of the Stone Circles dating back between 750-1000 AD.

Then a stop over  at Wassu Lumo, Gambia's largest weekly market to see a vibrant rural market life, this local weekly market which open every Monday is widely attended by traders from Gambia, Senegal & Guinea Bissau with a large variety of Commodities for sell. Wth its vibrant indigenous culture, friendly characters and varied scenery, the Lumo at Wassu will leave you just spellbound.  And deeply mmersed into the traditions of the Gambian people, experiencing a  landscape that changes before your eyes.

A twenty minutes drive to kuntaur and a short boat ride South to the River Gambia national park where you will experience life with the chimps protected in the national forest that constitute of three Islands, 270 km inland of the river Gambia. There you can see hippos, crocodiles, green ververt,  western red colubus monkeys and different birds species 

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