the eco sytem

Djoudj National Park located in the Senegal River Delta north -east of St louis about 513 Kilometers from Banjul, is a 16,000 hectares  wetland biosphere  and comprises  more than 1.5 million migratory birds including 365 species, among which 120 are Palaearctic migrants. The eco-system  consist  of lakes surrounded by streams, The National Park is an important sanctuary for nesting species such as the purple heron, the white pelican, the great egret, cormorant and night heron. The park also inhabits a huge population of manatees and crocodiles.  It is an oasis in the desert consisting of a string of lakes, backwaters, shoals and sandbanks.  It is the first migration stopover after crossing the Sahara for species of  Afrotropical and Palaearctic birds. Njoud National Park is a gem for bird watchers in sub-Saharan Africa and a UNESCO World heritage site. The park is  protected allowing no form of exploitation except for the purpose of  scientific research. The  number of nesting and  migratory birds has in the park has tremendously been increasing over the years, serving as overwintering site for a vast number of bird species. 


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