Are you visiting The Gambia for the first time? Here are some great things to do to ensure you get the most out of your holiday.

The Gambia

Immerse yourself in The Gambia’s world-class birdwatching, its  beautiful sandy beaches or its exhilarating culture and vibrant atmosphere, there’s always something ready to captivate holidaymakers visiting The Gambia for the first time.

The mainland Africa’s smallest country, The Gambia is big on attractions and appeal, promising to be one of most exciting and diverse destinations in the continent.

Find here are our top  to do things in The Gambia for those going on their first holiday to the country.

Soak up in the Sun 

Through out Europe's winter, The Gambia enjoys uninterrupted sunshine, promising the ideal winter sun getaway for those wanting a dose of vitamin D

November to May provides the best weather conditions, with almost zero rainfall and temperatures well into the 30s.

Discover Banjul

A visit to The Gambia’s capital, Banjul, will add some history and culture to your African adventure and experience.

Away from Banjul’s wonderful beaches there are interesting attractions to visit which won’t require you to don your swimming gear, including Albert Market and Arch 22.


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 Relax and unwind on pristine unspoiled  beaches

Despite many holidaymakers going to the Canary Islands or the Caribbean for their beach break fill, The Gambia offers unprecedented access to the sun, sand and sea; often just steps away from your hotel.

Many of the beaches are secluded and unspoilt, particularly the paradise beach, a perfect spot to witness the sunset

Indulge in to cookery class 

Join a cookery class, thus starting the day in the colourful local fish market before helping prepare a traditional West African dish. 

You’ll have the chance to learn more about Gambian culture from Ida, your dynamic host, before sitting down together in her garden courtyard for lunch. 

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Enjoy  luxury

Whether it’s a fascinating property such as five star resorts with spa facilities. Your holidays to The Gambia can be undoubtedly enhanced by a range of luxury perks to make your vacation a memorable one.

Eco lodges and Camps to stay and discover wildlife 

Ranging from floating lodges on the River Gambia to African stylish safari tents amid the excitement of a nature reserve, there are a variety of accommodation options which will allow you to truly get back to nature. The mandinaba lodge is one of our most prominent: made up of nine beautifully designed lodges built on and off the water, concealed in the African bush on a mangrove-lined tributary of the River Gambia. There are over 500 birds species and nature parks dotted across the country.

 Local market Visit 

The Gambia is home to several hustling and bustling markets, all providing an in-depth insight into day-to-day Gambian life, as well as the opportunity to buy some souvenirs to bring home. Among which is the craft market in Bakau is one of the best, where you can find amazing woodcarvings for your room decor.

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Lazy day cruise on the River 

Vacationing in The Gambia offer various activities and experience to visitors. For a more relax day, enjoy floating along the Gambia River on a pirogue from where you can witness local fishermen and  a great aquatic birdlife.


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