The Senegambia region is a work of earth in itself, a beautiful curtain woven together with incredible wildlife, diverse landscapes, fascinating cultures, and rich histories, all of which offer endless opportunities for adventures that explore the beating heart and soul of sub-saharan Africa.

At Travel Eco we have developed some of our special packages which will not only create lifelong memories, but will leave you with strong desire to return. still and all, if you would like to look at a package which is tailored to your specific interests and requirements, You may please kindly reach out to us!!
we are directing a great deal of interest on offering experiential and conservation-conscious packages to promote sustainable tourism, raise awareness of conservation initiatives.
By travelling with us, you are in no doubt making a difference to on-the-ground initiatives fixated on protecting and conserving the flora and fauna as well as habitats of the areas you visit whilst helping to empower local communities to do the same.

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