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One  might want to know what is the best time of year  to catch a sunset in the Gambia.  Fortunately,  sunsets happen the whole year round  so no matter what time of year you go, you’ll be able to witness one.

If you’re looking for that beautiful, African red sunset, then you may want to visit between the wet and dry seasons as this tiny beautiful country lies on the  equatorial region.  During these seasons, the sky has enough cloud cover to create a stunning palette of colors and wispy swirls. This can make for a breathtaking sight.

The Gambia so small yet so beautiful is sorrounded by Senegal on all sides except on the Atlantic ocean. It offers a  life changing experience and a true visual of what Africa has to offer in a sunset.

Situated in West Africa, and nicked name the smiling coast of Africa is  the home of  incredible birds and wildlife, it vast wilderness is second to none. The bright orange horizon, casts silhouettes of wildlife as the waves of heat blends with that of the coast melt the colours of the sky right before your eyes. It creates a deep resonance of heart that will get you to feel  the  serenity of nature that surrounds you.


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