Explore Gambia's largest and price competitive craft market  with over 57 craft stalls. Unlike other markets the Brikama Craft market is hassle free. Enjoy your price bargain hunting with the stall holders Sellers, taking your shopping trip to a whole new level and experience. There are a  large variety of items on sale such as Djembe drums, painted calabashes, chains and a dazzling variety of masks and other wood carvings from the famous woodcarvers.

Child Price: $35.00, Adult Price: $45.00

Sights And Places

senegambia craft market

The Brikama Craft Market

Visit the Gambia largest craft market with over 57 craft stalls, though there are over 200 members. Who make and sell their beautiful artwork and other products in the nearby area. You can find a larg...

Tour Plan & Itinary

Enroute to the Brikama Craft Market

 Soak up Gambian  culture and rugged natural beauty on this classic outback experience as you journey to the  Major Brikama Craft Market, you will pass through several local  villages and enjoy the unique beautiful local scenery, while your driver guide make detail commentary of historic and cultural Landmarks along the way.

Brikama Craft Market

Tour Highlights

  • Visit the Brikama Craft Market & Factory
  • Walk around the various stall for your window shopping.
  • Visit the wood Carving section of the market.