Take in the must-see sights of the stunning North Bank Region, visiting the UNESCO world heritage site of Juffureh, Albreda and the famous Kunta-Kinteh Island. Learn interesting  history about  the Trans Atlantic slave trade and enjoying fascinating and detailed commentaries from our experienced and friendly local guides.

Child Price: $55.00, Adult Price: $106.00

Sights And Places


The Kunta - Kinteh Island

 An important historical site during the atlantic slave trade, the Island together with it related sites including Fort bullen, Juffureh and Albreda are World heritage listed  sites. The first europea...

Tour Plan & Itinary


Sit back and relax as you travel into the amazing historic island. Your Driver Guide will provide details of the day’s itinerary while you enjoy the journey north.


Next is a stop at the historic village of Juffureh.  A village rich in Colonial relics and has became popular since in the 1970  following the television release of the bestselling book, "Roots", written by the African-American author Alex Haley, a descendant of Kunta Kinteh. It’s the birthplace of the famous African legend Kunta-Kinteh who was later captured and shipped to Mary land, the United States as a Slave.


Less than a 20 minutes boat ride North-east of the village of Juffureh is the Kunta-Kinteh Island This beautiful scenic island is famed for its European heritage. And a UNESCO world listed heritage sites.


Then enjoy a delicious 2 course lunch at  Juffureh restaurant  set in a beautiful rural Gambian setting, followed by a visit to the Albreda village Museum where you will immerse  yourself in real history of the Atlantic slave trade.

Tour Highlights

  • En-route
  • Welcome to the Village of Juffureh & Albreda
  • The Kunta-Kinteh Island Via Boat
  • Launch at Juffureh after your Board trip to the Island.