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If you are staying in Gambia for just a few  weeks along the beach hotels, then there are a few suggested travel accessories, medications and items not to forget to pack before you board your flight to Banjul. Not everyone's packing list will be the same, as it depends on how long you are staying and where you are staying. If you run out, or forget anything, most of the items below can be bought locally.

• Body care and hygiene products, especially baby powder for heat rash

• Combination luggage padlocks

• Electronic gadgets

• Finance: credit / debit cards, traveler's cheques & money

• Flashlight (compact)

• Hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes

• Hat with broad brim

• Insect and mosquito repellent

• Lip balm

• Lightweight woollen jumper / jacket (December to February)

• Medications: Analgesic painkillers, anti-inflammatory tablets, antihistamine for insect bites & stings, travelers' diarrhea treatment, prescriptions, metoclopramide or prochlorperazine for vomiting & nausea.

• Neck wallet, waist bag or money belt

• Needles and thread

• Phone book with essential numbers in case of loss of mobile phone

• Photo ID / Drivers' license

• Plastic bags for waterproofing, dust covering & dirty clothes

• Power adapter and/or converter

• Short sleeve shirts, shorts, swimwear

• Slippers / flip flops

• Small backpack or cloth bag 

• Small first aid kit

• Smartphone with camera

• Some sunblock clothing for the beach

• Surge protector socket strip

• Waterproof sunscreen lotion or spray with minimum spf 30

• Women's sanitary products

• Travel documents: air ticket, passport, boarding pass

• Travel insurance policy papers

• UV sunglasses

• Wear bulky jackets & other clothing when going to your departure airport.

Does the above tips help?

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