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It’s a common rule that you ask people’s permission before taking pictures of them. However, some will refuse; it is the kind, non-dehumanizing thing to do. 

Often times, any one in sigh particularly the youngsters will try to dive away from the picture with award-winning smiles, there for your biggest photography problem will probably be your inability to capture Gambians going about their business without dropping everything to pose. However, there are some people who don’t like their image to be captured, and you should indeed respect so. 

Most of the time people will even ask you cheerfully to take pictures of them just in case anyone rebuke, do not please take it personal.

An important point to note, it is not allowed to take pictures of police/ military officers in uniform /on guards, embassies and government buildings without official permission. Beware of what you are capturing before you press the shutter release or the record button. This could possibly be seen playing down to the security of the Country.

Thanks for taking time reading this article and i hope it does some help. Feel free to make your comments! cheers


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