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Tourism that is eco-friendly and entails people touring virgin and delicate places that are normally secured is called Ecotourism. This type of tourism is aimed at being on small scale as well as creating low environmental impact.

The accommodations for the tourists are established in a way that they fit-in well with the natural world, with the food being domestically acquired and the garbage normally handled on the site. The visitors pay high costs because the tourist numbers allowed on such facilities is low to reduce on any environmental disturbances.

Sustainability is the core perception of ecotourism in order to allow the next generations to enjoy the unique beautiful sights that have been rather unaffected by human beings.

As a sector/industry, Ecotourism is rapidly growing into a significant sector for various countries that are developing by being a source of foreign income as well as conserving part of the delicate environment simultaneously. This concept could be accomplished if a number of countries conserve their tropical forests considering the fact that eco-tourists spend money to come view the natural attractions of the country and not the ruins made as a result of misusing natural resources.

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