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Paesaggio savana con termitai in Guinea Bissau

Termite mounds are primarily composed of termite saliva, feces and clay. Termites carefully construct mounds that are composed of a series of tunnels for air flow and also traveling when...

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The River Gambia

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The vegetation of the river Gambia and its creeks provides a favourable habitat for animals, and birds. The river abounds in fish and river creatures, including the hippopotamus and the crocodile.

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Responsible Tourism the Gambia

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More peaceful and more tolerant.

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Health effects of birding

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Spending time and energy finding and observing birds is great for your physical, mental, and emotional health.

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Rural Gambia

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Welcome To George Town

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These are generally unemployed young men who hassle tourists for money, gifts or a free meal.

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Abuko Nature Reserve


First given some measure of protection in 1916, when the Lamin Stream which flows through the forest was fenced to form a water collection point.The enclosure of the stream showed...

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