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Explore one of Gambia’s most exquisite regions visiting  sites, villages and towns that deliver a warm welcome to one and all. Travel into the rustic and unspoilt  coastal regions of South Gambia visiting more of the treasures of this region and then arrive at the white sands of Paradise beach which brings the Safari to a great  end to the day.


On your morning Land Rover Safari Tour hear about the history of Gambia oldest town and see why people love to call it Bakau Kachickally. Bakau is rich in history and you will travel past many significant architectural buildings.


The Kachickally Sacred Crocodile Pool is re-known by local Gambians for its healing powers and as a place where people come to pray for blessings. Most of the times seen as a place of last resort for infertile women who wish to conceive. Here you will encounter free walk amid a bask of crocodiles and could touch them too, our local guides will advice you on which crocodiles to touch, all you need to do is relax and get your camera ready while the tour goes on with our informative commentary guides.


 The Bakau museum situated within the Kachickally complex has a collection of over 900 historic artifacts kept in four African round huts, which details the history of the Bakau area and displays cultural objects from many of the ethnic groups of The Gambia. The exhibits are divided into various sections: music, agriculture local craft, initiation rites and traditional medicine. 


Named after its 19th century founder, Serrekunda is the busiest and most crowded market place in the Gambia its open seven days a week. At this market place you can feel part of your day with day-to-day typical West African cultural existence. Most of  the times the centre's major roads are filled with bumper-to.-bumper vehicles, spewing out diesel fumes ,taxis repeatedly blaring their horns, loud music played from any number of ghetto blasters and radios, and streets thronging with over-full colorful stands, wheelbarrow Guys pushing heavy goods for their clients, street hawkers and traders' stores selling a jumble of cheap imports. Goods literally spill out of their shop fronts in an organised / de-organised way. and a visit to the batik factory.


Soaked up in the sun and relax at Rain Bow beach bar and restaurant, eat and drink from a large menu Option  it’s all relaxing and hassle free, while the beautiful  blue sea lull you to a nap. Why not take a swim in the warm and transparent water, soft golden sand palms and other tropical plants & hear sweet bird’s song from trees atop leaving you feel totally refresh. 

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