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Visits to Lamin Lodge and Abuko Nature reserve which are wild life sanctuaries and are the home of both plants and a number of endangered birds. Take a boat ride into the mangroves creeks and uncover an abundance of native wildlife and enjoy the rugged natural beauty. There are as many as 160  birds species that inhabit these locations. 

Enjoy a leisurely morning canoeing through the Creeks at Lamin Lodge you’ll be amazed by the glass-like reflections of the Bolong and experience the beauty of the old waterway. See how women collect oysters from the mangroves. You will no doubt be amaze to know that the oysters are not only use as food, but also as paint and cement for buildings. Our local guides will explain every detail of the process. You will find around you several houses beautifully painted with oyster shell.Stop at Abuko nature reserve situated on 259 acres of natural bush setting, see Monkey, Baboons reptiles it’s also a home of over 150 bird species. 


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